EFS Veneer Jointing Guillotine

The machine cuts veneer packs exactly straight and parallel. Tight-jointed splicing of all types of veneer is assured after the cutting.

The positioning controller for the parallel fence features a digital width gauge, a numeric keypad, a cut counter and pushbuttons for selecting the various operating modes. Single and incremental dimensions are adopted by the machine automatically when the start button is pressed. A total of 99 width dimensions can be saved in the memory. Changing over from mm to inch units is possible. Veneer edge lippings are cut by step-by-step adjustment of the parallel fence.

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EFS Veneer Jointing
EFS Detail
Control Panel
An angel arrangement:
EFS 2800 L + QFS 800 W (left)

pdficon2.png EFS Veneer Jointing Guillotine Brochure

Type Data EFS 2300 L
Type Data EFS 2800 L
Type Data EFS 3200 L
Type Data EFS 3600 L
Type Data EFS 4200 L
Type Data EFS 4500 L
Method of functioning (sketch)

Veneer cutting