FQL Cross and Longitudinal Foil Cutter


This machine makes your foil cutting flexible!

Operating modes:
  • Cross cutting
  • Cross and longitudinal cutting simultaneously
  • Lengthwise cutting with rewinding

Technical Features:
  • Cutting across the running direction with top and bottom knife.
  • Longitudinal cutting by pneumatic roller cutters on a glasshard drum.
  • Roll suspension frame to carry rolls of max. 650 mm outer diameter and 500 kg weight, equipped with an pneumatic winding shaft for 76 mm * inner diameter, 2 tilting bearings, and a pneumatic brake.
  • Optimum cutting performance for creating sheets thanks to continuously adjustable speed of feed up to 52 m/min, high cut-to-length accuracy thanks to frequency controlled drive for the feed with adjustable acceleration and deceleration, reselection of lengths and number of pieces at electronic counters.
  • Collecting table for max. length of cut up to 2.000 mm*, adjustable in height and angle.
  • Ionizing bars for the prevention of electrostatic charging.
  • Rewinding unit with 2 pneumatic clamping shafts for 76 mm* inner diameter and max.
  • 350 mm outer diameter, driven by a rotary current motor with constant speed, control of the web tension by means of the brake at the roll suspension frame and final switch off by length counter with preset.

* Other dimensions available upon request.

pdficon2.png FQL Cross and Longitudinal Foil Cutter

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