FS Foil Cutting Machine

For the automatic cutting of roll materials to final size. The machine reliably cuts a variety of materials up to a thickness of approxi-mately 1 mm, e.g. furniture foils, plastic films, papers, laminates, PVC films, aluminium and copper foils, etc.

The required length of cut as well as the number of cut pieces can be set at electronic counters. The amount of slack is controlled by the pay-off drive in conjunction with a dancer roll. Feed speed is infinitely variable. To ensure high cut-to-length accuracy the feed unit is equipped with a pole-changing brake motor.

The top knife moves against the stationary bottom knife in a shearing action. The drive unit for the top knife consists of a brake motor, a gear, a crank mechanism and a rupturing diaphragm.

Cut pieces are stacked on a collecting table that can be adjusted in height and angle. An air rail on the outfeed side assists the stacking operation for long cut-to-size pieces.

If required, 2 ionizing bars for eliminating the electrostatic charging of the foil can be fitted at the outgoing side.

The slitting unit at the infeed drum consists of 3 laterally adjustable holders with cutter bla-des. A slitting unit with circular knife on the roll stand is also available. Slitting and cutting to size take place in a single pass. The roll stand is also available in a version designed to take several rolls.

Feel free to send us samples of your materials for test cuts - we shall then be glad to advise you. We have decades of experience in the development and construction of cutting machines.

FS Foil Cutting Machine
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Foil Cutting Machine

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