All-rounder in a wide variety of different formats – Josting Cutting Machines

The material for cutting can be hard or soft, stacked or single – Josting Machines cut everything exactly to size. We offer not only a clear and straightforward working process but also precision-cutting of all materials. This greatly helps facilitate any further processing and has obvious economic value with today’s growing demand for careful cutting that makes better use of resources. Precision and economy complement each other closely with Josting cutting machines.

As a pioneer of veneer cutting we have continued to develop the portfolio of our different products. Today a machine like the Josting Multicut is capable of cutting almost any material. We supply innovative cutting machines for veneer, foils, synthetics and many more materials and ship these worldwide.

Our manufacturing programme encompasses:

• Veneer jointing guillotines
Double-knife veneer guillotines
Cross-cutting veneer clippers
Veneer-cutting optimization units
Veneer waste chippers
• Multicut machines
Foil-cutting machines

as well as individual custom-made machines. 

What material do you want to cut? We offer the best solution for every requirement.
Please consult us for further details.
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FQL_News_Flash_Startseite_EN.png JOSTING's new stroke of genius is here!

FQL – Cross and Longitudinal Foil Cutter


This machine makes any piece and any roll you require out of your roll stock.
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Hydraulic Veneer Guillotine HFS 2800 / 3200
The new full-hydraulic Josting veneer guillotine offers proven quality made in Germany at a favorable price. Veneer packs up to 50 mm height with single sheets up to 1 mm... > more

Double knife Veneer Guillotines
The proven Double Knife Veneer Guillotines have got a new PC. It has a 15" touchscreen, a CPU Intel Core 2,2 GHz., 4 GB RAM, and operating system Windows 7. Highlight is the new... > more